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Organizational Accountability: The Clear Path to Growth

HPI Organizational Accountability™ is a family of tools created to elevate the
key components of individual and organizational Accountability, eliminating
time spent on unproductive distractions and behaviors.

Our objective is to foster commitment in our clients, and improve
performance, innovation, and job satisfaction. In fostering Organizational
Accountability, leaders and team members can gain role clarity, and align
themselves to one united mission. Leaders must Develop, and Embrace
(together), Foster and Adopt skills to obtain Organizational Accountability,
while simultaneously, their team members must Develop and Embrace
(together), to later Seek and Practice skills to obtain Accountability. It is a
collective effort, enveloped in enhanced learning, and measured with data

Warning Signs of lack of Accountability:
Accountability should be developed by all members of the organization;
however, it is imperative that leaders foster and adopt the skills needed for an
accountable organization. When leaders and individuals fail to develop and
embrace the skills that lead to Accountability, warning signs appear, for

○ Low morale
○ Unclear priorities, goals, direction, roles, purpose.
○ Lack of employee engagement
○ Ineffective execution
○ Lack of trust
○ Frustration, anger, toxic workplace environment, high turnaround

Products and Services
Our strategy at HPI is an integral approach to achieving true Organizational
Accountability. Through assessment, development, and coaching you can improve these skills and thus elevate your Accountability.

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