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Meet Edison Henriques

Professor Edison Henriques Jr, MSBA

 35 years of work experience
 More than 150 Companies delivered worldwide
 20 years of Academic Activities
 Six International Business Schools
 More than 35k Business Leaders were educated in Leadership, Team building, and Change Management

• Graduate Division College Professor of Leadership and Organizational Behavior in MBA Courses in Brazil and International Business Schools worldwide. Lecturer, Content Mentor, and Business Consultant specializing in Business Transformation with Leadership Development (DNA), Teambuilding & High-Performance Teams with Change Management.
• He was the first Brazilian at San Diego State University to receive the title of Economic Community Developer, which earned him the “Leadership Award” from the Congresswoman Susan Davis of the California Government in 1999.
• He worked in the Economic Development Area of the City of San Diego while pursuing his master’s degree at San Diego State University, and he is a San Diego State University Ambassador for Brazil & Alumni since 2000.

• As a Visiting Professor, he gives seminars and MBA courses in “Business Schools” worldwide:
1. The University of Iowa – Tippie College of Business;
2. Lake Forest Graduate School of Management;
3. Emory University´s Goizueta Business School;
4. Suffolk University – Sawyer Business School and;
5. The University of St. Gallen;
6. At BABSON Executive Education he is Certified and Coordinator of Executive Education Groups in the Global Course on Entrepreneurship, Leadership, and Corporate Governance.

• As an Institutional Ambassador for BSP, he represented the BSP’s Corporate Leadership Academy, and was a Counselor and Consultant to the Business Leader in the Communication Industry, Roberto Justus, in Editions 2 and 3 of the Brazilian version of the Reality Show, “The Apprentice”.

• Acting as a volunteer (Pro Bono): he is a Board Member of INVOZ, a non-profit organization created by Engineer Ozires Silva, the Co-founder of EMBRAER (ranked as the third-largest Aircraft manufacturer in the world), which defends transformation through Education and innovative Entrepreneurship disseminating the virtues of excellence in the Aeronautical Industry. Still, as a Pro Bono in the Health Care Industry, he is a member of the Patient Advisory Board of Hospital Albert Einstein and a Member of ABTO – Brazilian Association of Organ Transplants. (


• Master of Science in Business Administration in Entrepreneurship from SDSU-San Diego State University with a Thesis in Cross-cultural Leadership, mentored by the authors of the Situational Leadership Model.

• Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from Mackenzie University.
He coordinated the Leadership and Organizational Corporate Development Area of BSP-Business School Sao Paulo, responsible for customized “In Company” Program deliveries from 2004 to 2014.

Experience / Clients

Acesita-Arcellormetal, A.C.Camargo Cancer Center, Agfa, AkzoNobel, Alexander Proudfoot, Alfa Bravo Flight Support, Albras Alumínio Brasileiro, Allergan, Algar Tech, Amaro Aviation, Ambev, Anima Educação, Arch Chemicals, Argosy, Arteb, AstraZeneca, Ascential, AtlasSchindler, Avaya, Avante Segurança, Avantto, Avon, BahiaSul-Suzano, BASF, Bauducco, BB Mapfre, Bimbo, Bosch, BrasilPrev, BrasilSeg, Brinks´branch in San Diego, Business School São Paulo, BT Group, Cargil, C-Fly Aviation, Cia União, Ciba, Cimento Liz, Claro, CVRD-Vale, Degussa, Diversey, Ecolab, Ellece Logistica, Elida Gibbs, Encalso Construções, Ernst & Young, Even Construtora, Evonik, Faber Castell, FA7 Universidade, Fellipelli, Ferteco Mineração, Fibria Celulose, Finap, Fleury Medicina e Saúde, Funcesp, Furp, Gafisa, Generalli, Go Green Orgânicos, Gomes da Costa, GM do Brasil, Grupo Anima, Grupo Baumgart, Grupo Dimed/Panvel, Grupo Edson Queiroz, Grupo Gramado, Grupo Moura, Grupo Newcomm, Grupo Pandurata, Haitong Bank, Hapvida, Hero Bombas hidráulicas, Holambra, Holcim, Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein, Hospital da PUC-RS, Hospital e Maternidade Sao Luiz, HPI – Human Perspectives Int´l, HSM Educação, Hyatt Hotel in San Diego, IBF Filmes, Incor, International Paper do Brasil, International School, Invoz, IPL – Institute of Performance and Leadesrhip, Itatiaia, Jockey Club de SP, KPMG, Lachmann Integral, Levorin, Liberty Seguros, Louis Dreyfus Company, Mafersa, Mercedes-Benz, Merck Sharp & Dome, Microservice, Mosaic, Nadir Figueiredo, Net, NetGlobe, Novo Nordisk, Optimiza, Papel Simão, Paramount Lansul, Philip Crosby Associates, Porcelana Schmidt, Phonak, Pixeon, PriceWaterhouse Coopers, PSA Peugeot Citroen, PT Inovação, Qualcomm, Rede Record de Televisão, Sagatiba, Sanit, Sanofi, Shopping Center Norte, Siemens, Sigvaris, Silicon Space, Sistema Verdes Mares, Sodexho, Soeicom, Sonova, St. Etiene, Tegma, TBG Bolivia Brasil, Telefonica, Telemig-Claro, Terra Networks, The City of San Diego-Enterprise Zone Dept., The Ken Blanchard Companies, Ticona, Tintas Coral, Tivit, Tozzini&Freire Advogados, Unifor, Unifesp, Usina Diamante, Vedacit, Vendaecia, Volvo do Brasil, Votorantim Celulose e Papel, WTM18, Y&R Brasil.

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