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Resilience is the ability to bounce back from change or adversity. When resilience is present and fostered, it breathes life into an organization and results in more successful outcomes.” – Kimera Hobbs

At HPI we believe one of the best investments is recognizing your team’s resilience strengths and opportunities, which offer a path to better communication and outcomes.

We also believe resilience is the key to unlocking productivity, particularly during and after a crisis like Covid-19.  The American Psychiatric Association believes resilience has a hand in combating workplace stress and fatigue.

What can strong resilience mean for you?*

  • Reduced stress
  • Lower absenteeism
  • Better employee retention
  • Strong job satisfaction

Learn how resilience can help your employees adapt and thrive!

HPI's Resilience Tools

  • Assessment – Measure your Resilience
    • Individual and Team
  • Development Workshop Options
    • Virtual or Facilitated
    • Fundamentals, Advanced, Expert
  • Coaching – Targeted and Personalized


Are you ready to take advantage of our free resilience assessment and tool today?

Simply fill out the form below and select, “Submit.” An invitation will be emailed to you soon which includes your unique personal link to complete the assessment.  You’ll receive our exclusive report by email almost immediately and we’ll follow-up within a few days.

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